Monday, November 06, 2006

What It Takes to Write

A writer is an artist painting words. Don’t tell me of technique, I want technique to come from that. Like Poe said - all the words, each word, make up the story in the telling. Want the words to flow like water, like Blue Grotto in the Alps - fresh and clean and natural - a wonderment of nature, that’s to crave admire and enjoy.

Sure you edit, how not...go back re-read re-work and add delete and fix and change. How not assume that free-flow well of words might need adjusting jousting now to penetrate my ear and soul. Look - you’re asking me, I’m asking you - devote some time of life to read these words. They best be worth it - is a lot to ask. Maybe a lot to give...these words. Just make sure they’re worth it - words that is.

We make the reader worth our words by his own reading them. That’s why we do. To make a sea of change. To change them by infusing them with words. Not show off what we do with paper canvas or a screen. It’s dialectic. Words enter your ear or soul and that’s what you become, transcendent, like a mystic smoke invading through your lungs. You are now what I make you with my meanings and my thoughts. Or turn away, repulse me and my weak attempts to captivate your soul.


Another Shade of Grey said...

Interesting. I used to write, in another blog, in another time and place...

chapman said...
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